About Bay City Medical Billing

Bay City Medical Billing, Inc. has been providing full service Dermatology billing for 22 years.   During that time we have also billed Hyperbarics, Pediatrics, Counseling services, Chiropractic services, and Internal Medicine.   During that time span, we have billed for 25 states.

Mary Barnes, our owner and CEO, has been involved in dermatology management and billing for 30 years.   Mary’s experience includes dermatology office management, patient education and nursing.  At this time, she handles the HR and financial aspects of our business.

Robyn Price, our General Manager, has been with Bay City for 16 years and has prior experience in a large dermatology/Mohs practice.  Robyn has her CDC and years of experience interacting with clients and their staff. Robyn provides client education either by remote connection or personal on-site education.

Our staff is tenured with many years of dermatology and medical billing experience.   Our experienced and committed team will work each claim to completion.